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Ground Observations


Hundreds of observation stations are built throughout the French territory, each one fitted with several sensors measuring parameters such as temperature, pressure, wind... Each parameter is measured every 6 minutes and each file contains 1 month of data for each geographical area ('NW' for North-West of France and 'SE' for South-East of France).

1. Files organization

For each zone, the files are stored per year with 2 compression levels (.tar.gz and .tar).


Here is the path for the NW zone, year 2016 :

2. Metadata

Name Description Unit
number_sta ground station ID -
lat latitude decimal degrees (10-1 °)
lon longitude decimal degrees (10-1 °)
height_sta station height meters (m)
date a datetime object format 'YYYY-MM-DD HH: mm :ss'

3. Meteorological parameters

Name Description Unit
dd Wind direction degrees (°)
ff Wind speed m.s-1
precip Precipitation during the reporting period kg.m2
hu Humidity percentage (%)
td Dew point Kelvin (K)
t Temperature Kelvin (K)
psl Pressure reduced to sea level Pascal (Pa)