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Want to help us ?

We want to build the best possible dataset! If you feel that the dataset is missing something, please publish an issue on our GitHub repository. If you want to improve our notebooks or our documentation, please feel free to make a pull request.

1. Editing the documentation

This documentation is built with mkdocs and configured in our git repository.

For more information about mkdocs, visit

If you want to edit the documentation, you can directly modify the markdown files in the docs_src folder.

1.1 Previewing the docs

If you want to get a preview of your changes, start by installing the following Python packages :

  • mkdocs
  • mkdocs-add-number-plugin
  • mkdocs-awesome-pages-plugin
  • mkdocs-material
  • pymdown-extensions
  • python-markdown-math

Then, navigate to the root of the repository and run mkdocs serve.

The preview is now available at

1.2 Building the docs

mkdocs build

Then, you can commit and push to the GitHub repository.